Preparing The Meal For A Meal

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There are several factors to keep in mind as you plan your menu to cook for a crowd. The facilities you will have available, the assistance you will have in preparing the meal, the purpose of the function, your experience, and the budget. If you are cooking for a crowd as part of a fundraiser choose food that is popular but inexpensive- such as pasta or pancakes. If you are inexperienced, or will have very little assistance plan a menu that will be very easy to prepare such as chili or loose meat sandwiches. If it is a more formal affair plan a menu should reflect the elegance of the occasion. When planning your menu, make sure you know what facilities will be available for preparing the meal. If there is not adequate oven space and…show more content…
The cooking times listed in recipes are for the original quantities, and additional cooking time is often needed. Cooking for a Crowd-Preventing Food Borne Illness. There are some basic rules to follow that will greatly reduce the chances of food borne illness. Be especially cautious during warm summer months, as the temperatures make it much easier for bacteria to grow. Wash your hands frequently with warm soapy water. If you will be serving in an outdoor facility make sure to plan in advance so that you will have adequate water available for cleaning in order to prevent food borne illness. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is also effective in outdoor settings if water is not readily available. If at all possible use plastic gloves when handling meat, and change frequently. When cooking for a crowd be careful that you do not cross contaminate food. Keep raw meat and raw meat juices separate from all other foods during preparation. To prevent food borne illnesses make sure to clean all surfaces, utensils and containers thoroughly that have come in contact with raw meat. When cooking for a crowd you must use a meat thermometer. Do not risk food borne illness by "eyeballing it". Heat all meat dishes to the proper temperature to kill bacteria. 160° is recommended for beef, pork, and veal, 165° for poultry. Cook all meat completely at the site. Partial cooking prior to the event allows bacteria to multiply and puts food at high risk for
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