Preparing an Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Preparing an Annotated Bibliography
Lai, I. K. W., & Lam, F. K. S. (2010). Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector Hong Kong. Construction Management & Economics, 28, 377- 391. doi:10.1080/01446190903521515
Ivan Lai from Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau and Frankie Lam from University of South Australia, Adelaide used a research model based on nine performance benchmarks and their corresponding performances. The intent of this research is to analyze the participants concern about the significance of perceived performance criteria and their relevant performance results in a construction project. The data of total 324 practitioners who were engaged in construction
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Their research only supported three hypotheses issuing differences in the apprehension of performances of different practitioners in construction projects, different project kinds, and different practical roles in the partnering companies. These findings have been backed by Soetanto, Proverbs and Holt (2001), revealing deviations in the level of importance that was ascribed to differing performance criteria. In conclusion, Lai and Lam research clearly shows that people have different kinds of approach as far as criteria are concerned to measure their performance.
Kozub, R. M. 2010. An anova analysis of the relationships between business students’ learning styles and effectiveness of web based instructions. American Journal of Business Education, 3, 89-98
Dr. Robert Kozub, an associate professor in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, administered an analysis by using a sample of 159 Taxes and Personal Finance undergraduate students to examine the likely learning performance of students under web based usage. Dr. Kozub adopted four learning styles as determined by Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory (LSI-IIa) and characterized them as Accommodator, Diverger, Converger, and Assimilator. He also used two web inserted instruction modules namely, text version and enhanced version with multimedia components. Of the 159 participants, 81 participants concluded in favor of

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