Preparing for Academic Success at Graduate Level Essay

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Preparing For Academic Success at the Graduate Level
University of Phoenix
Renee Lemieux

Preparing for Academic Success at the Academic Level

Being successful academically is what students devote their time and efforts to while pursuing a collegiate education at the graduate level. Many find it hard and frustrating to take on such a responsibility at this level because of certain standards of writing, and the time management needed to stay focused on your writing.
Becoming prepared for the responsibilities your about to take on can be overwhelming, but in the end you will be rewarded with success in your future, if the proper steps to getting there are taken.

Graduate Level Writing

At graduate level
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Elements of Effective Written Communication

Written communication is the design of clear concise writing, meaning the organization of the paper is structured in a clear incisive manner. Written communication helps to preserve our thoughts or feelings. We tend to use this form of writing to reminisce with others, whether it be a family member, loved one, or general audience. Being able to express those feelings through written communication allows for capturing the memory, and setting the mood of the message being conveyed.
We use written communication to help convey concepts, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It is easy to misinterpret what message people are trying to get across to others therefore causing misunderstandings. By using written communication we can better process information and remember important details, we are able to take notes and have written evidence of the subject being conveyed. Written communication helps educate others through many sources of written words, such as: newspapers, journals, magazines, and books. Others are able to capture the mood being set by reading the words written to express their feelings, ideas, and thoughts, thus educating people about the world around
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