Essay about Preparing for Death While Embracing Life

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The process of dying begins at birth. Each of us know that someday we will die, but we don't generally like to think or talk about it. The topic of death is often taboo in our society. Because of this, we are often unprepared when we are faced with the final stages of the dying process with someone we love.
Attitudes and concepts about death and dying vary greatly. Death refers to the actual physical ending of life, while dying refers to the process of coming to that end. Most people do not simply stop breathing. It is often a slow, lingering, unwinding process that can take days, weeks, or months. Even the actively dying process can occur over a period of hours or days. Observing this process can be extremely difficult for loved ones.
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Knowing the preferences of the deceased may make preparing for the memorial service easier for surviving family members and friends. In addition, the person should discuss what he or she desires for his or her funeral and burial service with his family to ensure all are comfortable with the person's wishes.
A guardian is a person who can make legal, financial, and health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated or incompetent and can no longer make these decisions for yourself. A guardian can be any competent person, a spouse, a friend, a relative, a non-profit agency, or a public or private corporation. If a person is considered incompetent and a relative, agency, or corporation cannot be found or considered as a guardian, then a public agent guardian will be appointed.
Guardianship is referred to, in some states, as custodianship or curatorship. In each case the guardian may be called a custodian or curator. The person whom the guardian is appointed to is called the “ward”.
Guardians have the authority to:
Ø Decide on the ward's living arrangements
Ø See that good health care is provided to the ward
Ø Give consent or approval of needed services (medical, dental, legal, etc.) for the ward
Ø Take care of the ward's personal belongings
Ø Take legal protective action of the ward
Ø Handle the ward's personal finances
Ø Maintain the ward's personal records
There are two types of guardianship:
Ø Guardianship of the Person -- The guardian

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