Preparing for Saxophone Practice

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Memorandum DATE: March 11, 2013 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Preparing for Saxophone Practice Daily practice sessions are essential for musicians to maintain and improve their skills. For the saxophone, practice sessions should reinforce good embouchure, breath support and finger dexterity while striving for greater musicality and musicianship. The following steps are needed to prepare for a productive practice session. Place the music stand and an armless, hard-backed chair in a well-lit location. Place written music on the stand. It may be necessary to secure loose pages with clothespins or binder clips if the stand is not equipped with sheet holders. Lay the saxophone case on a secure, flat surface such as a table or the floor. The logo on the case should be facing toward you. Open the case by unfastening the three latches, which are located on the far left, the far right, and the center of the case. Lift the saxophone body from the case by grasping the bell. Avoid pressing keys and springs. Remove the swab from the instrument and stow the swab in the case. Attach the neck strap by clipping it to the ring located on the back of the instrument, midway between the thumb rest and the neck opening. Attaching the neck strap at this stage will provide extra security for the instrument as the additional assembly steps are completed. Lift the saxophone neck carefully from the case. Remove its swab and stow it in the neck compartment. Insert the neck into the body of the

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