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Preparing for a career in HR Intro to Human Resources Management Preparing for a career in HR Human resources or HR is a demanding career that requires specialized training. Human Resources can be very high in its growth potential but the growth prospect, just like any other profession, depends on the ability of the person concerned. HR professionals manage a business’ employees, job candidates and work rules. They also conduct interviews, hire employees, fire employees, and manage employee’s communications. Settling employee disputes, creating benefits programs, and dealing with legal issues such as sexual harassment and occupational safety are among the common responsibilities for an HR professional. Human Resources do not…show more content…
Other qualifications include experience which can be through an internship or work-study program while in school. A master's degree in human resources, labor relations, or in business administration with a concentration in human resources management is highly recommended for those seeking general and top management positions. The human resources field also demands a range of personal qualities and skills. Many which include the ability to speak and write effectively, knowledgeable about computer systems, and digital communications devices. Also, because of the nature of the job and because much of the information collected by these employees is confidential, they must show character of responsibility of dealing with sensitive employee information. The human resources department is responsible for providing and implementing effective policies, procedures and guidelines within the company. It is the bridge between the employer and employees. According to the Human Resources article; “Specific HR tasks depend on the size and unique characteristics of the organization”. Many of these HR jobs may have overlapping responsibilities. However, Human Resources professionals can follow a variety of career paths, depending on the corporate culture and size. A typical starting point for an HR professional can be as an HR intern. As an intern you can perform a variety of task, from data analysis and research to project management. Internships are a great way for
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