Preparing to Conduct Business Research Essay

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Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part III

The dilemma facing XYZ Employment is the cost of providing Workman’s Compensation Insurance and the costly nature of its claims. All companies that have employee require this costly, yet necessary standard. It is provided to protect hard working employees in difficult circumstances. While most times it is a legitimate claim, fraud does occur. XYZ would like to eliminate the preventable claims and fraudulent collections. XYZ is making all efforts to reduce this cost by the significant amount of 40% by yearend. XYZ Employment intends to discuss the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of a solution to this outrageous associated cost, through various methods of research. This will
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This hurts the bottom line as well as the safety marks against XYZ Employment. This brings us to the final variable, lost profitability because of the above stated issues; this will damage the bottom line and can be minimized with the correct positive outcomes from the research and application of new and improved policies.
In using statistical research, we would use the exploratory method, as we are starting with a base number of accidents, but the research is into the why and how. To delve into this would be a process of exploration looking into variables that are independent of the accidents. Items to be looked at are hours worked in shifts, proper training, company status, as well as paid leaves in excess of the accidents. By looking at the options available for study, we are able to sample and study each attribute pertain to each accident. The Who, What, When and How so to speak.
When you start a new job, there should always be some type of orientation so that you will know the company policies. You are shown a number of videos that will inform you of how to do your job without getting hurt. You are shown how to wear our safety belt and safety goggles. Many companies have posters up in the buildings throughout, for everyone to see, and understand what should be done. When signing your new hire paperwork there should be a form for you to sign acknowledging that you understand what is read, and understand the consequences
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