Preproduction Process Paper

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Our group has expressed a shared interest in the preproduction process involved in the animation industry. The primary focus of the research project is to compile information on the pre-production pipeline in both television and film. The juxtaposition of the workflow in television in relation to film will aid in better understanding the medium one would enjoy working in. Additionally, we would like to know more about the process of pitching a concept for animation and how a story eventually comes to be a finished production. Through the division of labor, we hope to effectively cover topics ranging from the concept pitch, scriptwriting, the visual development of characters and environments and finally conclude with the storyboarding process.…show more content…
The website will have video, audio as well as written material of our interviews along with articles and visuals based on our findings. We hope for our website to be an archive of information for students interested in preproduction. The blog comprised of online articles will compile a broad scope of information into a manageable user-friendly database.
As previously stated we plan to divide the work to address each of our individual interests. Katie will commence with the concept and pitching stage of an animated production. While Niki will look into the story and scriptwriting process of production. Joel will address the field of concept art, primarily focussing on character, background, and set design. Then finally Norman will look at the layout and storyboarding process before the work begins production. The current schedule for our project begins with two weeks of research into our respective topics. We aim to conduct our first interview within two to three weeks, while simultaneously seeking out possible interview opportunities. We hope to complete and compile our research into a presentation by November 15th, and to complete our following report by November
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