Prescence of Poe

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Presence of Poe Edgar Allan Poe is regarded as one of the great American writers in history. He had a unique way to present his stories, his imagination stretched into the darkest corners of his mind. One can say his characters were developed from personal experiences in his life. His use of writing techniques was ingenious and unsurpassed. These are just a few reasons why he is a permanent reminder whenever horror stories come to mind. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. His parents were David and Elizabeth Poe. He was one of three children including his brother Henry and his sister Rosalie. His mother separated from his father when he was about two years of age and took her children with her. She…show more content…
The story is not just the story of a murder case. “It is rather a representation of the experience of dread, as Poe understood this feeling” (Quinn). The story is told from the nameless narrator’s point of view. Few details are known other than he is a childhood friend of Roderick’s. The narrator is not the main character, rather it is Roderick, because it just tells what he observes The story is not told in typical Poe fashion “…where the protagonist tells a personal account of a crime that he or she committed. Instead, the narrator acts like a participant/observer (Womack “Usher“). Roderick along with his sister, Madeline, are “the sole, remaining members of the long time-honored Usher race“ (“Usher“). The Usher race has throughout their existence has been inter-married, thus suggesting their serious illnesses can be attributed to their lineage. “Due to limited medical knowledge or to suit the story, Poe treats Madeline and Roderick as identical twins; two parts of one personality. He implies that they are so close that they can sense what is happening to each other (“Usher“). Their illness can be connected by “…his mental disintegration to her physical paralysis” (“Usher“). Poe explores “the inner workings of the human imagination but, at the same time, cautions the reader about the destructive dangers within” (“Usher“). When fantasy suppresses reality and the physical self, as with Roderick, what results is

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