Preschool Classroom Essay

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PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM Janelle Conlin Early Childhood Curriculum & Methods: ECE311 Instructor: Michael Walter August 10, 2012 PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM Preschool classroom’s fosters an exploratory play environment for children ages four to five to prepare students for private school kindergarten courses and utilizes North Carolina kindergarten standards to develop curriculum. Cumberland County public school system does not have the best reputation for educating students and has created a need for more private schools. Currently, we only offer a preschool program but plan to expand into the elementary school ages. As the new school year approaches I will be redesigning the classroom environment and…show more content…
2012). The environment and classroom space are separated into ten center areas that help enhance hands on activities with learning materials and manipulatives. These centers include: blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, sand and water tables, library (reading center), discovery (science), music and movement, cooking, and outdoor activities. Activity areas are designed to support the specific learning objectives. Similar to Reggio Emilia’s approach teachers assess the students learning and base curriculum off their interests and pace. The creative curriculum approach measures incremental progress to communicate the child’s growth through benchmarks through the learning objectives. While my current teaching approach is more creative curriculum and high scope based there are still elements I think should be controlled by the adults such as; environment, assessment, adult-child interactions, and daily routine (Jaruszewicz, 2012). High Scope Curriculum incorporates important goals to include thinking about actions and interactions, problem solving, and self-directed learning. High Scope uses “Key Developmental Indicators” and separated into eight different categories. The first category is approaches to learning with recognizing problem solving skills. Social and emotional develop begin to grow with
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