Preschool Environment Is The First Exposure That Many Children Make When They Transition From Home

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Preschool environment is the first exposure that many children make when they transition from home. We believe that the environment allows all children to promote language and development skills needed, as well as to retain their home language and culture. It also enriches the lives of all children by bringing them together in an environment that teaches them to accept, respect, and appreciate individual differences in an increasingly diverse world. In order to better service the families and children in a diverse community, the program promotes multicultural in a play based learning environment. The preschool is located in the inner city. The largest racial group in the community is White (47% of the city’s population), Hispanic (30%), Asian (27%), and followed by Black or African American (8%). The program is a community-based child development program for three- to five-year-olds. Each classroom consists of 20 children. The ethnicities of the children are 8 Hispanic (40%), 7 Asian (35%), 3 White (15%) 2 African-American (10%). Seventy five percent of the families speak another language at home, and twenty-five percent speak English only. The program aims to help low- or moderate-income households and minority families qualify for free childcare. The ratio of teachers - children is an important factor in the success of teaching and learning programs. This is to better serve quality and educational effectiveness of the program. We believe that smaller class and higher
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