Preschool Mission : Education And Learning Environment

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BJBee’s Preschool
Brownsville, Oregon

BJBee’s Preschool Mission: To promote full and equal participation in the education and learning environment regardless of racial and ethnic background, socioeconomic status, disabilities, sexual orientation, or families of different gender identities. BJBee’s Preschool is committed to valuing diversity by providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families. We respect and value the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity which exists in the community. We are committed to challenging attitudes that promote racial discrimination, ensuring respect for all and preparing all children for life in a culturally diverse society. Diversity in the classroom and school must nurture an inclusive learning environment and culture.

BJBee’s Preschool is open to all members of the community. We welcome all families equally. We advertise our service widely. We reflect the diversity of members of our society in our publicity and promotional materials. We provide information in clear, concise language, whether in spoken or written form. We provide information in as many languages as possible. We base our admissions policy on a fair system. We ensure that all parents are made aware of our equal opportunities, race equality and diversity policies. We do not discriminate against a child or their family, or prevent entry to our preschool, on the basis of color, ethnicity, religion, different gender…
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