Preschool Policy Summary

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I. Policy Overview The Strong Start for America’s Children Act recognizes the importance of early development and learning and will make a greater investment in quality of and access to early childhood education for children from birth through the preschool years. The bill focuses on the expansion of home visiting, Early Head Start-child care partnerships, and preschool grants with a significantly increased investment. It is a 10-year initiative to expand and improve early learning opportunities for children across the birth to age 5 continuum. The Strong Start for America’s Children Act was introduced by Senator Tom Harkin, Representative George Miller, and Representative Richard Hana, in 2013. On May 14, 2014, the Senate Health, Education,…show more content…
They stated, “Quality preschool provides not only significant benefits for children in both school and life, but tremendous benefits for society” (Cooper, Dukakis). This article also reveals that there are impressive educational, social, and emotional benefits for children who attend quality preschools. This substantial research allows teachers and school administrators to understand that children who have built a strong learning foundation in preschool have a better chance of success in school. Business leaders also realize that preschool helps meet their needs for a well-educated workforce. Law enforcement officials also notice that the implementation of a quality early education which leads to success in school is a vital tool to keep crime low and improve public safety (Cooper, Dukakis). James J. Heckman, an expert in the economics of human development, states that, “quality early learning and development programs for disadvantaged children can foster valuable skills, strengthen our workforces, grow our economy and reduce social spending.” The benefits of quality early learning include: preventing the achievement gap, improving health outcomes,
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