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Preschool in the United States Preschool in the United States is shaped by many different factors. The two focus schools were St. Timothy’s Children’s Center which is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Alhambra Preschool which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The themes I will be talking about are: The Curriculum Wars and The Culture of American Early Childhood Education. These themes give a good understanding of what drives American preschools. There is an ongoing battle over how to teach reading in preschools in the United States. The argument is over whether schools should be teaching students the whole language or phonemic awareness. This argument causes distress among schools and within the schools themselves. Teachers may have…show more content…
A reason for choice being so prominent in American schools is because of the idea that everyone in the United States has a right to be happy (Tobin, Hsueh, Karasawa 2009, 195). If children are given the right to choose certain activities, it is likely that they will choose the ones that would be most enjoyable to them. The idea of choice can also be related to the idea of democracy in American society. Children being able to choose things for themselves allows them to exercise their rights as a citizen. Another important aspect of American cultural beliefs is self-expression. Self-expression is seen frequently in American preschools. There is an emphasis on children learning to accurately verbally express themselves. For example, rather than children simply pointing to something they want, the teachers say to them “Tell me with your words.” (Tobin, Hsueh, Karasawa 2009, 197). One of the reasons for this focus on using their words can be tied back to the fact that some schools have many students whose first language is not English. The school can then be a place where these students learn how express themselves in English. This can be seen as a service to families because some families may not have the time or resources to provide that for their children. There is a belief that words hold a great deal of power and children need to begin understanding how to effectively use them at an early age.
Preschool in Japan One of the
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