Preschool Stage of Development

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The Preschool Stage of Development
ECE 332: Child Development
Marilyn Gomez
May 30, 2011

Abstract “The years from 3 through 5 are often referred to as the preschool years” (Henniger, pg. 107). Preschool is a place where the setting is geared towards mimicking a regular school setting but exposes the young child for the first time to a school. Preschool takes away some of the stress of strictly learning academics and focuses on developing the child's skills in cognitive, motor, social, emotional, and language developments. Preschool encourages children to personally and individually meet their milestones of development.

The Preschool Stage of Development
In looking at the stages of a preschool development, the
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What colors do you see on the outside of the egg and what color is the egg when the inside comes out? How does the egg feel before it is cracked? How does it feel when it is cracked open?” Children will have an opportunity to share their thoughts with their peers for social and language development. Their ideas can be charted onto a poster board. Children will feel confident in making their own scrambled eggs and sharing their findings with their peers and parents. Children will be able to predict what will happen when the green food coloring is added into the egg mix. Children will also be encouraged to think of what will happen when the egg mix is poured into a hot skillet. “Will the water soluble egg stay in its water context or will it become solid?” Language will be enhanced through learning different words by placing them with content of what is happening. An example of this would be solid, liquid, hard, slimy, and smooth, cracked, like, and dislike. Rhyming words would also increase the child’s vocabulary while reading the book of Green Eggs and Ham like in a house with a mouse, a goat on a boat, on a train while it rains, in a box with a fox, and here, there, anywhere.
This activity will enhance the child’s development because the child will be a part of the making of the activity. They will show a curiosity to learning and will have hands on experience. The activity will encourage children to trust in themselves and will
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