Preschool World Language

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The author will reflect on the article “Preschool World Language Learners’ Engagement with Language: What are the Possibilities? The prevailing thought that younger is better when acquiring a second language is shared by language education professionals, parents, and administrators (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). Although studies show evidence that a young learner does not have unlimited advantages due to age, beginning the learning process earlier gives opportunity for attainment of language abilities throughout the lifespan (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). World language learning (WLL) continues to increase in popularity in the United States (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). This author will reflect on the outcome of an exploratory study of preschool classrooms participating in the same WLL program. Discussion will include language awareness, teacher-initiated engagement with language, and student-initiated engagement with language.
The author chose to reflect on this article because
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This EWL is directly asking students to recall information and is not cognitively demanding (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). In this interaction, the children are affectively willing to engage by responding to the teacher (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). Child A responds with the translation, and the teacher asks all students to repeat the word (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). The students’ response is not autonomous and relies heavily on the teacher’s contribution to the conversation (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). This EWL highly controlled the depth and ways in which the students participated (Kearney & Ahn, 2014). In the aforementioned EWL episode, rather than treating language as a means of communication, it is treated as an object in which children do not notice the form on their own (Kearney & Ahn,
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