Preschool in Three Cultures Paper

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Preschool in Three Cultures Ronhaly Avila EDP 3004 Children learn to act in accordance to their culture due to what their parents teach them and what they learn in school. Different countries have their own way of cooking, driving and most important, teaching. A child who is in a preschool in America, will not experience the same cultural activities as a child in China or Japan. The video Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited demonstrates how preschools in these three countries teach their students in accordance to their culture. This video also shows different Behaviorism and Constructivism aspects for each school. John Watson once said “Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in…show more content…
As I watched I felt as if I watched an army or prisoner of war. Over the years the Chinese decided to separate the girls from the boys but the form of using the bathroom has remained the same. This also demonstrates the diversity of each culture. Another Behaviorist approach taken by the teachers in the Chinese Preschool was during lunch and during the children s exercised. The children were lined up and followed a routine of exercises guided by the teacher. Although the children are normally supposed to do activities with little help, the teacher believes that the children need to do these kinds of activities together for better learning. During lunch, the children would chant much like praying for the food and family they have. This reinforces the idea that what they have is a privilege and they should be thankful everyday. Constructivism is reflecting on the experiences we have had in order to create our own understanding of the environment me live in. For instance, lets say I had and old sewing machine that I used all the time but now broke. I visit a sewing machine shop in order to buy a new one. The only machines available are newer models of the machine I owned, with different buttons and features. My previous experience with my machine will guide me into using the new machine. By simply learning a few extra steps, I would now be able to use the new model thanks to by previous experience, this is considered constructivism. One of
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