Prescribed 1 Peacemaking and Peacekeeping, International Relations 1918-36

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Document paper on Peacekeeping, peacekeeping- international relations 1918-1936 (1) (a) Why, according to Source A, had the Allied statesmen been unwise in their treatment of Germany? (2 marks)
In the extract from Guilt at Versailles, Antony Lentin states that the Allied statesmen did not create the Treaty of Versailles to conciliate or destroy Germany. Instead, the Treaty left Germany bitter, resentful, in want of revenge and a potential enemy in the future. (b) What message is conveyed by Source E? (3 marks)
Source E conveys the message that Germany has been mistreated through the Treaty of Versailles. * The caption reads “… do you want your pockets turned out before or after death?” suggesting that not only is
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Source E is a political cartoon from the German magazine called Simplicissimus, published in June 3rd, 1919. The cartoon’s purpose is to inform and provide political commentary of the peace treaty Germany is being forced to sign. The cartoon also reflects the public’s thoughts towards the peace treaty. The information that the cartoon is valuable as it offers the German perspective of the treaty and its impact on Germany. It also shows that the German’s thought that the peace treaty was unfair and that they felt like being executed. On the other hand the cartoon limits our knowledge on how much the cartoon was exaggerated on the impact of the treaty.

(4) Using these sources and your own knowledge, analyze the reasons for German resentment of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919. [8 marks]
After Germany signed the armistice in 1918, the “Big Three”, David Lloyd George, Clemenceau and Woodrow Wilson assembled at the Paris Peace conference deciding Germany’s future. Many wanted Germany smashed like Georges Clemenceau. There were months of arugmenting and negotiation amongst the "Big Three" as to what the treaty should contain. The Big Three were determined to punish Germany for the war, and so they did. The treaty was created to satisfy everyone on the sides of the Allies. For France, Germany was smashed; for Britain, Lloyd George was satisfied that Germany's power had been crucially weakened. However
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