Prescription Drug Abuse And The United States With Students

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Running Head: Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse in the United States with students
Vikash Patel
Wayne State University

Prescription drug abuse among college students have increased over the past few years and is now a national problem. College students are abusing stimulant prescription pills just to stay awake to study and they will abuse the prescription pills just to stay awake to socialize with friends. According to the journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, they have come up with a new term called Generation RX, which is known to the rising group of young adults who are abusing prescription medication. In 2008 the National Drug Survey on Drug Use and Health had found an increase of 21.1% in the general population in the use of nonmedical prescription between the years of 1992-2003 and 15% of people ages 18-25 reported the use of prescription pills. Research showed that in the past ten years prescription stimulants has passed the abuse of other drugs on college campuses. The only drug that research says that prescription pills did not pass for being used more commonly was marijuana. College students have reported saying that they use prescription stimulants for both academic and recreational. To be more specific, college students said, "Alcohol, marijuana, prescription barbiturates, and cocaine were used mainly as "have fun" drugs. While ADHD medication was used for "getting good grades". (DeSantis et al., 2008, p. 317).…
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