Prescription Drug Abuse In California

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How does the use of prescription drug influence high schoolers in California?
Prescription drugs are influencing kids in the high schools of California, causing many negative effects in the body of kids, unlike other cities in the U.S and Europe where the number of reported cases are lower. In Southern California the use of prescription drugs has skyrocketed, In 2014 the number of cases involving the prescription drug opioid, a popular pain killer, consisted of 11,638 as opposed to 5,753 cases in 2014 according to the California Department of Public Health. The number of cases has more than doubled in the past years and there are many programs that are being integrated into the school that is trying to prevent the increase of
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From the article Prescription Drug Abuse: A Comparison of Prescriber and Pharmacist Perspectives, “Approximately, 20% of the U.S. population aged 12 and older has abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetimes.” This evidently shows that within prescription drug abusers, there are high schoolers who abuse the system. From the NSDUH, National Survey on Drug use and Health, 91% of teen prescription drug abuse obtain the drug from friends, family and mostly prescribers. Thus showing that prescribers and pharmacist, whether they know it or not, are involved with the distribution of the all the prescription drug abuse. By prescribing these drugs to their patients, they are responsible for watching over them and assuring that they use it for appropriate reasons,.Throughout the time the number of prescription drugs that have left pharmaceutical labs has increased over the last two decades, more than 136 million drugs for the common opioid pain killer. Due to the steady increase in the prescription drugs and the attempt to observe the problem, countries would support a system to monitor prescription…show more content…
It is shown that we need to monitor the situation a step farther as to take action when noticing an abuse in drug abuse in ages in high schools. Although major suppliers might be against it, as it will take away potential clients for future business, the NSDUH will have more major role in applying the problem to places, such as California. This solution will have some difficulties as it needs the approval and understanding of the medical professions, therefore by establishing a system such as the DARE program to educate doctors on the methods of monitoring clients and implementing the use of the program
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