Prescription Drug Addiction Effects

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Before we can solve this issue we need to fully understand what the problems are. A drug that once freed us from pain might now become the root cause (Scharff and Taite). Your body learns to build up a tolerance to the medication and then you can no longer get the relief you need. Then causing you to need more and more medication to get the same effects, which contributes to becoming addicted (Scharff and Taite). When you abuse prescription drugs you are doing incredibly terrible damage to not only your mental health but you are harming your body greatly. The medical consequences range from, chronic migraines all the way to a heart attack. More serious effects are lung or cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancer, mental disorders, long-lasting changes in the brain “Addiction and Health”. Less serious…show more content…
Many people just have the desire to simply relax or relieve tension, some people like to experiment then when they get addicted you need to maintain your addiction to prevent withdrawal. Teens face struggles of being accepted by peers so when they are the only one in the group not doing drugs you soon get singled out or get made fun of, causing them to cave and try it, causing them to possibly abuse the drug later. Then the most simple cause of prescription drug abuse, just to simply get high. A more complicated cause that isn't anyones fault technically, Genetics. Drug abuse is sometimes known as a genetic problem, In which a first-degree relative struggles with addiction you are at higher risk. Not all people agree with this statement but I think it is true but not always. Children who grow up watching this and thinking its normal are more likely to think it's okay so then they follow the same path as their family member. Once one would get addicted they will soon fear the withdraws that come with stopping the drug, to prevent it they will keep doing the drug if not the same amount but
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