Prescription Drug Prices

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Over the years, there has been an immersive increasement in the cost of medication. These high prices have created disputes between individuals, who wish for more affordable medicine and those who believe that the prices are necessary. The cost of medication may be excessively high, but it is important for a variety of reason. The prices of the medication are set in order to fund for research and development, so that researchers can produce more efficient and safer drugs for patients. Although it may be excessive, it may be necessary in order to continue the fundings. The prices in which the medication are set are necessary for research and development. Roy P. Vagelos, discusses about the problems regarding restricting pharmaceutical companies in the written source Are Prescription Drug Prices High?. For instance, it can reduce the profits to support research investments, since it costs at least $231 millions dollars in order to bring one new prescription medicine to the market and in a pharmaceutical company like Merck, there are at least 4500 researchers who work to develop products (Vagelos 1). In other words, it costs millions for researches to develop at least one new drug to present to the market and it also costs to pay researchers to help develop these new drugs. In addition, the article The Real Cost of “High Priced” Drugs,…show more content…
The author, Michael Rosenblatt, exclaims that NIH (National Institute of Health) is misinterpreted for creating
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