Prescription Drugs And Its Effects Essay

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When patients have already faced the situation that they could not afford their prescription brand, they would turn to other measures. One of those measures would be to use a different brand to substitute the same drug to treat their condition. However, this drug may not be as effective as their previous one. For example, Epipens are a very popular drug to treat individuals with severe allergies. If they experience an allergic reaction, they would rely on an Epipen injection to offset it. While it is a very popular and widely used allergy treating prescription, its substantial price increase over the years have made it quite an expensive one. With being quite costly, patients may turn to finding an inexpensive brand, anticipating that it would have an equivalent effect as their previous prescription. However, according to Rubenfire from Modern Health Care, “[f]or most drugs or devices, patients might look to a competitor for a cheaper price. But Dr. Bobby Lanier, a Fort Worth, Texas-based allergist, said most of his patients end up using the name brand EpiPen rather than competitors such as Adrenaclick” (Rubenfire). Thus, this points out that alternative brands claiming to have equal effects as the name brand may not be as efficient to treating the patient’s condition. With its cheaper price and yet ineffectiveness, it may lead patients to worsen their overall health due to the circumstances given by the new drug. In other words, their health is at risk since they would have
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