Prescription Opioid And Illegal Drug Abuse Essay

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The amount of individuals who die annually from accidental overdose is extremely unnerving. One of the biggest issues the world is facing in the 21st century is prescription opioid and illegal drug abuse. Unfortunately, this lethal dilemma is not publicized in the media as much as other things such as celebrity drama, cancer prevention, or the newest fitness craze. The notorious opioid epidemic is in full swing and has effected individuals from all religions, cultures, and genders. Although it may seem like a collective issue, adolescents are in the most danger.
If one could prevent a disease, wouldn’t they? The World Health Organization has classified processed meats, such as hot dogs, as possible carcinogens, meaning that they have the potential to cause cancer (Härtl). Even with evidence such as this, these cancer-causing foods can still be purchased at a local grocery store. However, some individuals have chosen to avoid processed meat. Some avoid meat entirely by becoming vegetarian, or even vegan, for health and ethical purposes. Viewing drug abuse as a serious health issue, just at the world views cancer, could open the eyes of others, invoking mass change in the way drug abuse is handled in society.
The best way to combat this lethal issue is to start at its core: the opioid epidemic. Once the fuel behind drug abuse is understood, then the idea of addiction itself needs to be rethought along with the strategies used to educate youth about the issue. This threat

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