Prescription Pad Software Analysis

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An electronic source that I found useful in prescribing medication is Prescription Pad software. Prescription pad software is developed by the Compurx Infotech company. It is a medical software that promised a 100% safe, fool-proof and first rate prescription to a patient because of its ability to automatically checks for drug interactions and duplications (CompuRx Infotech, 2015). Once the medication brands name is entered in the prescription writing area., the software can detect limitations that a patient may have such as pregnancy, lactation, children, elderly, hepatic insufficiency, renal insufficiency & pulmonary insufficiency. In the clinical setting, this software offers an option to store patient's images before and after their treatment is done. With this features, one can compare…show more content…
The software is capable of checking for drug allergy and other risk factors while the prescription is being written. Other features include medical calculators such as the BMI, Coronary Heart Disease risk calculator, child growth calculator, breast cancer calculator and of course Drugs A to Z (CompuRx Infotech, 2015). Limitations One major limitation that this software has is that it does not have a mobile version yet. It is more popular in India even though it has American and British pharmaceutical database added to it. Cost Prescription Pad software has the basic and the pro version. the basic cost $220 while the pro cost $366. Some of the features that the basic version does not have include, the diseases information and treatment tips. Though it seems expensive but considering the multiple features in the software I think this one-time purchase is not a bad deal. Why this program seems
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