Prescription Painkillers Research Paper

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Prescription painkiller addiction has become one of the fastest growing addictions in the country( Since 1990, deaths in the US from unintentional drug overdoses have increased by over 500% ( People have been using painkillers as drugs because they believe it is safer than using illegal street drugs. Pain is a hard thing to manage because everyone has a different pain tolerance. There is a responsibility between both physicians and patients to use it properly to cause both to be at fault for overdose. A physician has a large responsibility in the management of medications and is partially at fault for the abuse of these medications. They have to find a medication that helps the patient's pain and well being. Some medications can be more addictive than others. Physicians are at fault for over prescribing and it is a good idea to have routine checkups. If there are signs of addiction, the Physician should stop prescribing that medication. Sometimes Physicians are stuck in trying to satisfy the desires of a patient and the doctors over prescribe painkillers. Some physicians do not fully explain the dangers and effects that some painkillers can have and they are at fault for assuming that the patient understands and will follow the…show more content…
Patients should follow doctor's orders. Patients should not exceed the dosage there are told to stick to ( Another way to prevent painkiller abuse is to educate the patients. They should know the side effects and know the signs of painkiller addiction. Examples of signs of painkiller abuse include running out of prescription early and using multiple doctors to get medications ( Patients could also reconsider whether or not they still need their painkillers. Patients should avoid taking painkillers if they are no longer in
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