Prescription narcotics Essay

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The Need for Restrictions
“Why there should be stricter regulations on the availability of prescription narcotics”

Despite efforts to decrease the number of deaths and overdoses related to narcotic medications, such as OxyContin, and minimize the number of people illegally obtaining them, the measures that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in specific are taking are not enough. The literal definition of a narcotic is a drug that produces numbness or stupor; often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain; extensive use can lead to addiction. Narcotics are normally prescription medications that are given to patients to help ease the constant pain cause by cancer or other long term illnesses.
“When one in 10 high school senior’s
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This is a valid point made by many but as Dr. John H. Burton puts it in his written testimony on The Escalating Abuse of Prescription Medications, “Cooperation must be facilitated and encouraged between methadone treatment facilities, public health agencies, and law enforcement and medical providers. In order to do achieve this, attention must be directed to sharing critical information while protecting the public’s interest in safety and simultaneously patient and victim interests in privacy.”(4) What people need to understand is that these drugs are so powerful that people taking them must be qualified and may need to be monitored. In the interest of every human's well-being anyone taking these drugs for authorized clinical reasons should be willing to make the sacrifice.
The DEA has been trying for so long to prevent robberies, thefts and doctors from prescribing medications illegally, but the actions they have been taking are not enough. Despite their efforts there are still way to many illegally techniques used to obtain OxyContin and they are succeeding, drastically. Abusers have been getting their hands on these drugs via pharmacists, physicians, doctor shopping, thefts and robberies, the internet, organizations, and foreign distribution. Physicians and pharmacists will use their ability to prescribe the medications to either use it themselves or distribute illegally to someone else. Doctor shopping has become increasingly popular among users
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