Prescriptive Knowledge

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giving knowledge of result on their performance is once they do the ninety-degree angle, they will hear a beep sound. This can help them recognize that they have reached their goal. According to a study on knowledge of performance, the researchers found how the knowledge of results that were given to much older patients once every five times had a better result at the end of practice than those that got feedback every time after performing (Nunes, Souza, Basso, Monteiro, Corrêa, and Santos, 2). From this study, I will use what I read and see how much of a difference they improve. To give them feedback on their knowledge of performance, I can let them know if their rear end is sticking out correctly and if their knees are passing their toes.…show more content…
Another type of feedback that is quite useful in this case is prescriptive knowledge of performance. Talking to the patient will give them the message and thus, they can learn how the squat is done correctly. This is essential because it can injure the person if they perform the squat incorrectly. Prescriptive knowledge of performance is better than descriptive knowledge of performance because descriptive knowledge of performance only tells the person their errors and does not correct it. Although it might help for some patients to figure out on their own, it would depend on the situation and the personality of the patient. Concurrent augmented can be helpful because I can encourage the patient while reminding them of the motion they are required to perform. Concurrent augmented feedback plays a big role because it provides feedback needed while the person is performing the skill and they can correct the errors as they advance (Magill & Anderson, 364). A lot of augmented feedback on the patient can vary depending on the…show more content…
Motor learning can be integrated into my faith by seeing how there are types of patients who have gone through many trials and face obstacles in life. Patients that go to physical therapy can give them an opportunity to heal and recover from their injuries. Know that I can serve God through this career helps motivates to do His work and glorify Him. Patients I will meet will have a special characteristic, and I will design a plan that suits for them. Some patients will probably need verbal encouragement while other patients will need physical support or various feedbacks. Even though the patients may differ, I will help them well and show God’s love through the actions. We are all made in the image of God, and I definitely would want each patient to know and understand that they are special and unique in God’s eyes. Life is very special to people and I am sure a lot of people would want to keep living for a very long time. Even for non-believers, they know life is very valuable, so whenever an injury occurs, they want to do whatever they can to recover from the injury so that they can go back to their daily lives. Teaching motor skills to people will give me an opportunity to spend time with them as well as getting to know them. This will hopefully give me the chance to speak to them about my faith and tell them how wonderful our God is.
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