Prescriptive Norms Research Paper

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Question No 1 Answer: prescriptive and proscriptive norms:

Prescriptive norms are silently understood precepts of expected behavior, closely related to manners and good conduct, while proscriptive norms are taboo or otherwise unacceptable actions and behaviors that likewise remain undiscussed. Both sets of norms differ between cultures.

Both prescriptive and proscriptive norms are defined by the expectation that individuals will intuit their existence while growing to adulthood and entering society. They are seldom discussed openly or in conversation, existing instead as a kind of road map for general behavior.
Examples of prescriptive norms include:
• Writing thank-you cards after receiving a gift
• Accepting a proffered handshake
• Returning
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One group may consider a norm prescriptive while another group might regard it as proscriptive. In the United States, kissing the cheek of our friend is regarded as prescriptive folkway but it is proscriptive mores among Muslims especially when it is done in opposite sexes because this is considered strange. Chinese locals in Guangzi province consider eating live fish a prescriptive folkway but the Chinese in some part of Hongkong call it an unusual eating behavior. Moreover, norms like eating bugs in Thailand, Nepal and Malaysia is a prescriptive folkway but it is proscriptive folkway in some neighboring countries like Singapore and Taiwan. This is a proof that norms vary. Also, norms in one group may be considered prescriptive during one time and it may later be considered as proscriptive or vice versa from proscriptive to prescriptive. For example, the Protestants 20 years ago frown at going to theatres or pubs but now it is an accepted folkway. The Pakistanis and Indians prescribe the wearing of turban in their ancient culture but now we can see it to be proscriptive in some cultural groups especially those who are in the United States. Again, this also a proof that norms constantly
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