Prescriptive Privileges for Advanced Practice Nurses Essay example

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Prescriptive Privileges for Advanced Practice Nurses In order to meet the growing demand for primary care, nurse practitioners need prescriptive authority to provide quality, safe, and cost-effective healthcare to patients. The development of nurse practitioners, plus physician shortages in primary care, leads to an increasing need for nurse practitioners and access to health care. However, nurse practitioners currently face prescription regulations for controlled substances, which limits their scope of practice. The regulation of nurse practitioners prescribing controlled substances diminishes comprehensive health care services by increasing the wait time for patients and liability claims for physicians. The number of nurse…show more content…
Also, nurse leaders and physicians believed that training in primary medicine would regulate nursing education and practice. “Nurse practitioners were created in an environment of informal training, a lack of credentialing processes, increasing sophistication of medical care, and opposition” (Medscape). In 1970, Nurse practitioners stated that patients were pleased with their improved convenience of health care services. In the early 1980s, health care encountered challenges to clarify their scope of practice and nursing organizations offered titles and certifications to meet federal regulations for reimbursement (Medscape). Nurse practitioners faced several barriers to gain provider status and needed direct reimbursement to practice as independent health care providers. An aggressive campaign was created and nurse practitioners achieved legislation over 20 years, resulting in provider status in 1997. Obstacles There is an increasing demand for nurse practitioners, which makes this a crucial period in the development of their practice and profession. Nurse practitioners must face increased opportunity and continuing opposition towards independent practice all while defining their role in health care delivery and establishing their connections. The practice of nurse practitioners still varies widely across the states. These inconsistencies make it difficult for nurse practitioners as well as patients when practice
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