Present Business Objectives For A Community Friendly Company Essay

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Present E- business objectives:- • For customer satisfaction:- “While keeping in step with the times and taking the opinions of the public into full consideration, use our knowledge and skills to create useful products of value that satisfy the customer. Do our best to provide quick, reliable, and stress-free sales and after-sales services in order to enhance customer satisfaction” (Chavda, n.d.). • For prosperous coexistence : • For Improvement of corporate value: • For a Community Friendly Company: “Contribute to the development of social community through positive communications with local communities and social action programs, and act as a responsible member of society” (Chavda, n.d.). • For Comfortable and Worthwhile Workplace :- “Create a workplace based on the following points that allows for employee self-improvement and advancement: 1. Create a safe and healthy workplace for employees. 2. Create a system that fairly evaluates and supports those who want to take the initiative in advancing their careers. 3. Create a good and stable employer-employees relationship” (Chavda, n.d.). • For global environmental conservation:- “We acknowledge that activities in environmental conservation are the most important part of business management. Environmental conservation is promoted in accordance with our “Suzuki Global Environment charter” through our business activities and products in order to achieve a society with sustainable development” (Chavda, n.d.). Global
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