Present Earth Vs New Earth Study Guide

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1. Compare Eden, the present Earth, and the New Earth. What are some of the differences? What are some of the similarities?
In comparing Eden, this present Earth, and the new Earth one can notice some similarities and contrasting features associated with both places. The noticeable similarities seen between the three places is that Gods creativity will continue in the New earth just like we see in the present earth and in the garden of Eden. There will be the continuation of culture just like we have on this present Earth in the new earth.
God planted the Garden Eden using the knowledge what is in Heaven, The same is applied when he created the Earth. The new earth will be a replica of what will already have before in the Edena present Earth.
The only difference between
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What portions or aspects of the Old Earth do you hope will be found on the New Earth?
The portion of the Earth that probably that we may expect to see in the new Heaven are the natural resources, for example, sea, rivers and the mountains.In Genesis 2-3 we saw the river made by God flowing into many directions as stated in the scripture. There were mountains, precious stones, and animal which can be found in the same place. In the revelation, John in his vision mention about these precious stones. AlsoThis present Earth has these natural features. So, in essence, we expect to see these natural resources in the New Earth.
6. Review the discussion on pp. 243-244 of Heaven. What is the significance of the gates of the New Jerusalem?
There will be twelve city gates in the new Heaven. This twelve gate will represent the twelve tribes of Isreal. The most significant thing about the gate is that it demonstrates God’s ability to protect his children as he has promised in the past. Heaven will be our place of refuge. Though there will be no death of thieves coming in there, God will still protect us because he wants to demonstrate that he is a strong and reliable person who keeps his
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