Presentation Aids That Will Be Used

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Presentation aids that will be used e.g. notes, power points, handouts, white board, projector, videos, etc
• diagrams, charts and posters Visual communication, which is based on the use of visual elements, such as drawings, illustrations and electronic images, certainly has made it easy for us to explain, understand and remember/memorize information that is important to us.
• overhead projector can be used to deal with big classes it convenient to use motivation and also have clarification and better retention.
• Whiteboards Because they are relatively inexpensive and inexpensive to use, virtually every schoolroom has at least one.

Planned presentation opener to engage audience interest “Hello! Everyone Good Morning. Welcome to the
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Assistance required e.g. set up room and equipment for presentation Students need to select any 3 from the following options:
• assistance with lightings and equipment before the presentation is conducted all the resource and other thing should be in working conditions in order to proceed
• assistance with presentation handouts presentation handouts should be printed and disturbed to all the participants before the presentations.
• assistance with presentation snacks and drinks should be served before the presentation take place

How the presentation 2 will be evaluated? Students need to select any 1 from the following options:
• one-on-one interviews with participants and other personnel involve in the presentation all feedback should be asked from all participants relating about the presentation topics and what are the changes to be done to the future presentation

Your survey should include at least five (5) statements that respondents must evaluate using numbers or statements as to whether the respondent agrees or not with the statement (i.e. strongly agree, agree, neither agree or disagree, disagree, strongly disagree). Your survey should be written in clear and understandable English.

Presentation survey:

(Students please re-word the following questions, please DO NOT copy the

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