Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

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CHAPTER 4 PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS, AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA This chapter shows the result of the survey conducted in the study of effectiveness of the Retention Policy as perceived by selected second year students of University of the East-Manila who are taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy for the school year 2011-2012. The tables and graphs presented are in accordance with the order being stated in the Statement of the Problem. The result of this study is given below. 1. Respondent’s Profile Table 1.1 Frequency of ages of respondents Age Frequency Percentage 15 1 1% 16 9 9% 17 43 43% 18 33 33% 19 7 7% 20 6 6% 21 1 1% Total 100 100% Figure 1.1 Table 1.1 shows the frequency of ages of our respondents. It shows that majority of…show more content…
Table 5 – Retention Policy as an Intervention for them to Study Harder Frequency Percentage Yes 84 84% No 16 16% Total 100 100% Figure 5 Table 5 shows one of the effects of the Retention Policy: striving students to study more. 84% of our respondents agree that the Retention Policy strives them to study more while only 16% said it doesn't strive them to study harder. Table 6 – Respondents Priority while Studying Frequency Percentage Major Subjects 72 56.25% Minor Subjects 29 22.66% Extracurricular activities 2 1.56% All 25 19.53% Figure 6 In this table, we show you the priority of our respondents while studying. 72 of our respondents prioritize the MAJOR SUBJECTS, 29 focuses more on the MINOR SUBJECTS, a small percentage of 2 focuses on the EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVIES. Our respondents can check for more than item and there are 25 respondents have said that they prioritize ALL THE ABOVE choices. Table 7 – Respondents who already got a Failing Grade Frequency Percentage Yes 22 22% No 78 78% Total 100 100% Figure 7 In this table, it shows a percentage of respondents who have had a failing grade already. 78% of them haven't had a failing grade and only 22% are on the affirmative side. The only condition in the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy for First Year students in the revised 5-year curriculum is that they must not have a grade lower than 2.50 in Fundamentals of Accounting, Part 1 & 2. Table 8 – Respondents who have Taken
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