Presentation And Case Study Analysis

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Presentation & Case Study Analysis

Jade van Heerden
Business Studies

Term 1

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2. Written report on primary research
On Friday the 13th of February I interviewed the Liquor Store Manager from Makro Springfield, Babs Moodley. Babs informed me on information regarding Labour Relations and incidents involving employees and the CCMA. He also offered insight into organisational structures and methods they use to problem solve employee grievances.
With regards to problems in the workplace the managers identify the problems that employees are encountering and attempt to solve them in a fair manner for both parties. If problems are not solved internally then 3rd party mediation is needed. An incident occurred with an employee that received a gift from a supplier and was later on fired due to the strict policies at Massmart. This case was taken to the CCMA and is currently still under investigation. Babs informed me that the CCMA was very helpful and efficient when trying to resolve labour disputes for both parties. Makro is involved in numerous cases with the CCMA every month. Recently 10 employees were retrenched and Massmart is now under investigation for unlawful dismissal. He also stressed that in most cases the CCMA protect the rights of employees but often don’t have a strong case against Massmart

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