Presentation And Presentation Of Findings

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CHAPTER FOUR 4.1. PRESENTATION AND SUMMARY OF FINDINGS All data generated from this research (which represented the distribution of responses to the various questions as well as sub-questions) were analysed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS.). Frequency distribution tables of issues and findings are shown below: Table 1 below is centred on the form or type of SMEs they operate: Forms of SMEs Frequency Percentage Sole proprietorship 2 6.25 Partnership 4 12.5 Family Business 10 31.25 Limited Liability 16 50 Public Limited (Plc) 0 0 TOTAL 32 100 The above table show that most indigenous SMEs operate as limited liability companies. This was closely followed by family operated…show more content…
Further, the distribution showed that most indigenous Nigerian SMEs are not directly involved in the strategic sectors of the economy such as oil and gas exploration. The very huge financial requirement of oil and gas exploration, complex paper work and the inability of the indigenous SMEs to obtain funding from the banks and financial institutions as seen from earlier distribution tables, could possibly explain the situation. Table 3 is centred on whether they (SMEs) have ever applied to be considered for the (1) SMIEIS funding and (2) ordinary bank loan (1) SMIEIS Funding Answer Frequency Percentage YES 5 15.6 NO 27 84.4 TOTAL 32 100 (2) Ordinary Bank Loan YES 10 31.2 NO 22 68.8 TOTAL 32 100 The table above indicates that out of the 32 respondents, only 5(15.6%) have made applications for SMIEIS funding of which (in table 4 below) only 2(40%) was approved. Further, 10(31.2%) made application for ordinary bank loan of which (in table 4 below) 3(30%) was approved. By this, it can be interpreted that the rate of applications for funding as well as the success rate of the applications (for both SMIEIS and bank loan) is extremely low. This could partly explain the fact that there seems to be information gap or poor awareness of the SMIEIS fund. Table 4 below shows the distribution of approved loan for SMIEIS funding and bank loan. (1) SMIEIS Funds Answer Frequency Percentage Approved 2 40 Refused 3
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