Presentation And Presentation Of Presentations

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The way in which presentations are developed is important; presentations can be slideshows, practical demonstrations, training etc. When developing presentations, you need to ensure that you prepare; define the purpose and the objective that you want to get across to the audience so you know what you are aiming for and the research that needs to be undertaken prior to the presentation to ensure that this is achieved. Knowing what media, format and content is the most appropriate and would be the most effective is important as it can help in the process of planning and also the audience that you need to base your presentation around as some presentation types may be more beneficial to them than others. Before the presentation is to take…show more content…
If the presentation is to be held externally and not within the internal buildings then you would be required to liaise with the stakeholders; venue size and capacity would need to be considered. When developing a presentation there are many factors that need to be taken into account. When preparing it is important that you establish a purpose so you can plan what you want to get across to the audience and set objectives for yourself to work towards; what you intend the outcome to be from the presentation for example, as that way you can then review yourself on how you feel you done afterwards from what you achieved. You will need to assess whether or not the audience of your presentation will need prior knowledge of the topic and depending on who you are presenting to; how you can win them over with your presentation and what tactics would work best for them particular people. The venue in which you are presenting in is important; you will need to ensure that the location of the venue is easily accessible for all attending and the arrangements of the room/seating is appropriate and will give across an atmosphere that you want; the size of the venue will affect this. The venue will also need to have the resources required for the audio and visual aspects of the presentation; speakers, projector

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