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Hi, I’m going to be talking about Carbon fibre in tennis rackets
What I will cover in the next ten minutes is this.
I will talk you through what Carbon fibre is, its atomic structure, properties which then makes it the ideal material for modern tennis rackets.
What is Carbon fibre?
Carbon fibre consist of tiny filament about 5-8 mu metres in diameter. Carbon fibre mostly contains carbon bonds which are bonded together in a crystal Alignment. This means there are strong covalent bonds between the molecules. Being in its crystal alignment, this gives carbon fibre a high to strength to volume ratio which basically means it strong for its size.
For example if you could make a tow from several thousand of carbon fibres bundled
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The stiffness is high due to the carbon fibre reinforment. But it is fairly light, and fit for someone like me.
As it is for advanced player with a large swing it needs to be pretty aerodynamic. The tension can go up to 62 lb which definitely gives it more control and feel. With the weight the power is medium.

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