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MKT 730 – Marketing Research

February 17,

Dell Printer: “The New Kid On The

Chapter 3
Research Design

Marketing Research Proposal

Executive Summary
Problem Definition
Approach to the problem

5. Research Design
6. Fieldwork/ Data Collection
7. Data Analysis
8. Reporting
9. Cost and Time

What the Research Design Includes
1. Define the information needed
2. Design the exploratory, descriptive, and/or causal phases of the research 3. Specify the measurement and scaling procedures
4. Construct and pretest a questionnaire/ data collection
5. Specify the sampling process and sample size
6. Develop a plan of data
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Dell Running Case
1. Search the internet to find information on the latest U.S market share of Dell and other PC marketers.
2. Search the Internet to obtain information on Dell’s marketing strategy. Do you agree with Dell’s marketing strategy? Why or why not? 3. Visit the U.S Census Bureau at As Dell seeks to increase its penetration of U.S households, what information available from the U.S Census Bureau is helpful?
4. What information available from syndicated firms would be useful to
Dell as it seeks to increase its penetration of U.S households?

Dell’s Current Marketing Strategy

"Dell is committed to delivering new dimensions in entertainment, mobility and gaming and is leading the industry in advancing new technologies like 4G solutions and 3D-capable laptops to provide the best entertainment and mobile experiences ever imagined," said Steve
Felice, president of Dell's Consumer, Small and Medium Business unit,

In support of the company's "Power To Do More" brand positioning, Dell recently introduced its first-ever Consumer marketing campaign, "You Can Tell It's Dell." "The Power To Do More" captures Dell's belief that technology serves an important purpose in helping every one of our customers -- from large enterprises to public institutions, specialized technology services clients, small and medium-sized business and consumers --

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