Presentation Of An Ethnographic Interview

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Results: An ethnographic interview was conducted on September 6, 2016. During the interview, the client noted no significant changes in his health. He reported that he continues to take all his medications. The client stated that he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and walking his dog. The client reported that his biggest concern is his difficultly recalling information from his short-term memory and that he is often confused. The client also expressed that he has difficultly with writing and is unable to organize his thoughts into words.

Results: On September 6, 2016, the client attempted a writing sample. However, the client had difficultly writing. The client instead had a pre-writing conversation with the clinician. The pre-writing conversation led to the client writing about his upcoming vacation on September 8, 2016. The client’s writing sample contained a title and 4 sentences. Each sentence averaged 8 words. The client wrote an average of 4.5 words per minute. The client’s writing contained mostly function words. The client would often switch between cursive and print and lowercase and uppercase. The client’s writing lacked organization and appeared to be his train of thought. The client’s writing will continue to be assessed throughout the semester.

Results: A 10-minute conversation sample was obtained on September 6, 2016. The conversation was analyzed using Tetnowski’s (2013) Analysis of Conversation Behaviors and Strategies. The client engaged in…
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