Presentation Of The First Video Session

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Overall, I feel I improved from the first video session. I seemed more comfortable on camera. In addition, I felt that I let the client talk a lot more in this session. I remained silent for most of the session, speaking when I felt necessary. At the end of the session, my client’s response was cut off, for next session I will try to make sure to not stop the tape before the client responds. The start of the session went more smoothly than the first video. I seemed more welcoming and warming toward the client. I focused on my opening statement by letting the client know I was glad that she joined me for another session. I also summarized some of the main points that we had discussed in the first session. This was a major improvement that both Dr. Deel and myself noticed as a place for improvement during the first video. Though I was more warm and welcoming, I continued to move around in the chair at the beginning of the session. Also at13:00 minutes during the session, I struggled to get comfortable and moved around in the chair. This may have been distracting to the client. I do feel that my facial expressions were more controlled, but I picked up hand fidgeting. I may have not sent the wrong message with my face, but my constant moving hands was definitely distracting when I watched the tape, so most likely were sidetracking to the client. In addition to improving the beginning of the session, I was able to not ramble as much as I did in the first video. Last session,
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