Presentation Of The Movie Exhibition Industry

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The movie exhibition industry dates back to the first ever movie theatre1, a commercial space which was created to show projected motion pictures. From then to the present age the movie exhibition industry has been successfully running businesses and the major four big players in this business are Regal entertainments, AMC Cinemas, Cinemark and Carmike Cinemas. The revenues of the these companies have been at a higher rate, but the movie industry is still finding many obstacles as the technology is becoming easily accessible to the common man. This paper will look into the various aspects of the movie industry, its environment and keenly look into their potential threats in the near future and give some strategic solutions for the presumed complications they might face. External Analysis Every company, no matter what they produce, has to face external threats in some form or the other. It is particularly true for the movie exhibition industry which is a multi billion dollar industry entertaining people form the beginning of time. External analysis is a form of background check on the company 's threats. The very essence of this is for the company to come up with strategic plans to avoid these threats when it happens. The case focuses on how the movie industry has had many complications in the past few years, and it particularly focuses on why the attendance of the movie theatres have dropped down drastically ? The root cause of the problems

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