Presentation Of The Outreach Team

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Monday, September 28th: Today I was part of the outreach team so I made home visits. We had six clients to see, two returning, and four new. Of those, we ended up seeing only two clients, one new, and one returning. The first client we saw was new, and her primary concern was getting a new mask for her CPAP machine. She had previously contacted the company who supplies the machine several times tells them that the mask causes her eczema to flare up and she needs a new mask, but with no luck. My plan was to get the number from her and try to call of her behalf, but the more I talked with her, the more I came to understand that this required a doctors order for a new mask, and even then the company may not accept that without the doctor saying she needs a new machine. There was not much I could do for this client in this regard except to talk through the situation with her and help her come up with some alternative methods such as switching medical supply companies to that which she gets other medical supplies from. The other thing we discussed was for her to increase the amount of times she checks her sugar from once a week, to a few times a week. Our second client was one we had seen before and we just did a follow-up visit. The goal of this visit was just to see how she was going with her exercising and if the arm brace was helping her arm. She reported that the classes don’t yet start till October but she should be approved for them now that her papers are turned in.
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