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BSBCMM401 Make a presentation Part 1: Plan two presentations The first part of the assessment requires you to develop a plan for both of your presentations. For each of the presentations you deliver, you will need to develop a presentation plan in the template included at Appendix A. You will be required to provide detailed information for each of the areas included in the template. You will need to send your plans to your assessor by the agreed date. Your assessor will provide you with feedback on your plan as needed. Appendix A: Presentation Plan Template Purpose of presentation 1 To deliver the information ofa job I want to do in the future “ A barista “ Desired outcome from presentation 1 Audiences to be able to understand: • The role of barista • Barista skill qualifications • How to become a barista Presentation 1 strategy For the presentation 1. My presentation strategy will beoral presentationswith power points. Audience characteristics and how the presentation needs to be geared to meet this – include how you will cater for a multicultural audience for your group presentation Audience characteristics: • previous experience with the topic To make a presentation effective and successful, the speaker needs to understand about previous experience with the topic. As it has an important role to the presentation and identify the audience’s needs. On the other hands, the speaker can encourage them to share their experiences and increase in audience’s participation. •
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