Presentation To Chcs Bod. The Purpose For This Additional

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Presentation to CHCS BOD
The purpose for this additional emergency meeting, in lieu of executive director Carol Mills’s presentation on 12/2/16, will allow me the opportunity to thoroughly explain our strategic plan in the event of a potential or actual government shutdown. However, in preparation for this meeting, I emailed you and your fellow board members a copy of the “Meeting Agenda” and a copy of the Addendum to the 12/2/16 Memorandum, of which I will be referring to today. And trust that you have had the opportunity to review these documents. Great. Ladies and gentlemen, dedicated board members, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for meeting with me today, so I may elaborate in detail each agenda item set before you.
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Another option would be to contact Nonprofits Assistance Fund as they provide working capital (20K-1Million) and facilitate loans. With loans availability ranging from a few months to several years. NAF offers a variety of loans. However I would suggest applying for a line of credit, such as to bridge the timing gap of receipt of committed grant. Not able to defer payments with vendors….then my suggestion would be to set up a payment plan using monies from our surplus,line of credit,or pay our vendor in full since we do not want to risk the loss their business, loss of our good reputation could result in damaging our working relationship.
3. And here I would like to Address Addendum to memorandum regarding “unknown potential for retroactive funding”. What we were referring to is that staff would serve clients until funds were appropriated by Congress, specifically during a potential government shutdown. And would accrue worked hours but not receive an actual paycheck until government funds come in. However, with most people living paycheck to paycheck I do not see this as a viable option and have requested per the recent Addendum memorandum to remove this section from our action plan. Next,
4. I would like to take this time to clear up any misunderstandings relating to my idea of implementing the fire drill-like emergency shutdown. My intentions for this drill is to provide all CHCS staff with an emotional buffer as so to speak…no one like surprises. Therefore, with
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