Presentation of Mission – Vision Elements

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Presentation of Mission – Vision Elements
1. Customer
The Mission – Vision of National Bookstore holds a strong focus on itscustomers that is to serve all their customers with tools that enrich their mindsand improve skills to ensure their success. The company is committed in providing quality products that would enable them to be equipped with the rightknowledge and skills that will serve as the foundation of their success.
2. Products/Services
National Bookstore’s mission is to provide the largest selection of productsand services for them to attain their goal that is to enrich the minds and improvethe skills of their customers. This is made possible through the well diversifiedbranches of the company.
3. Market
National Bookstore
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It is true that thecompany is a key player in its market and industry. It has a big market share andenjoys a competitive position. However, the researcher would like to propose thatthe word customer in the Mission – Vision statement of the company should befurther defined especially in its scope. It should clearly identify who are thesecustomers. It is further propose that the customers should be group or segmented in order to fully define how each segment of customers can beserved properly. Segmentation of the market will enable the company to be efficient in their operations that would lead into a higher sense of delight andsatisfaction among customers.The company should then state in its Mission – Vision the following: “Our purpose and first responsibility is to serve all the students, professionals and allothers who visit our stores. We shall be passionately committed in helping themto enrich their minds and improve skills to ensure their success.”
2. Products and Services
Part of National Book Store Mission – Vision statement is the presence of the product/service element. It is stated in the MV statement that the companyprovides a large selection of products and services. It is true that the companyoffers a wide range of products and services covering the different needs of their market. Through the years, the company had developed the capacity to increaseits product and service line due to the increasing demand coming from themarket.
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