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Erving Goffman’s Presentation of Self Claim Erving Goffman was a sociologist who studied and analyzed social interaction. He took special interest in explaining how people live their lives as if they were actors performing on stage. He looked at the world as if he were a “director” seeing what goes on in everyday life. He called this observation of the world dramaturgical analysis. He applied terms to this explanation, which include the concepts of status and role. He referred the “part in a play” as the status, and then the “script” is the role. His claim of presentation of self was used to describe “a person’s efforts to create specific impressions in the minds of others.” Goffman thought that when any individual is around others, they …show more content…
All of our performances are different though. They can also vary because every place we are can change how we “perform”. Body language is a critical aspect in our daily performances. Sometime body gestures can tell people things about you that you may not have want them to know, such as the mood you are in that day. If you lied to someone they may be able to tell because of the body image of nervousness you possess because of lying. Nonverbal communication can often provide those around you with enough information to catch you in a lie. Another element in presentation depends on gender too. For example, Goffman implied that men need more space than women do. Certain facial expressions affect presentation as well, such as eye contact and smiling. Presentation also brings about the elements of embarrassment, idealization, and tact. In modern day life, a prime example of presentation of self can be seen through a professor teaching a class. The students in this case are the audience and the professor of course is the actor on stage, or in front of the classroom. Students can often times be a very intimidating audience. The professor must also present his or her self in the proper manner. Negative body gestures can cause the students to not pay attention. Idealization plays a huge role in the professor’s presentation as well. They go into the classroom with certain motives for teaching others. Sometimes embarrassment plays a role too. Because
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