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Analyse the passage (John the Savage in the hospital); discern presentation of satire and how it is wrought.

In Brave New World Huxley is targeting consumer, materialistic attitudes that existed in his time (and still do today) and extrapolating, then projecting them into the world that is the World State, to serve as a warning to society of the consequences of these attitudes. The passage in question is from Chapter XIV of Huxley’s Brave New World, and more specifically features the incident in which the ‘Savage’, John, visits his dying mother at a hospital, and subsequently instigates a riot because of soma, which he abhors.
The drug, soma, in particular is emblematic in its pervasive influence into the World State, of the power of
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This is exemplified by the character of Lenina, who is frequently referred to by other men (and even herself) as being ‘pneumatic’, and elsewhere this same adjective is applied to a chair, effectively reducing Lenina to little more than an object, a piece of meat. “Like meat,’ he was thinking… ‘She thinks of herself that way. She doesn’t mind being meat.” (Pg. 83)
Similar to this, is how the society of the World State has conditioned the populace so that modern social attitudes have in fact been phased out of existence, even to the extent of something as basically moral as concern for others’ welfare:
“Is there any hope?’ he asked.
‘You mean, of her not dying? … No, of course there isn’t.’ … Startled by the expression of distress…” (Pg. 180-1)
The nurse’s surprise alone maintains this, and there is even a hypnopaedic phrase: ‘When the individual feels, the community reels’. Conversely, certain social attitudes have been phased in, perhaps to fill the vacuum of consciousness that remained (from the removal of aforementioned attitudes), in a similar way that God has been substituted for ‘Ford’ and soma almost takes the place of a religious sacrament. This can, for example, be discerned from Helmholtz’ somewhat uncharacteristic reaction to a passage from Romeo and Juliet, finding it ‘irresistibly comical’, to a passage that is doubtless designed to evoke feelings that are antithetical to what Helmholtz

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