Presentational Devices in Shrek Essay

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Presentational Devices in Shrek

In this essay I am going to show the different techniques the director uses and analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad to show how the makers of the film reverse tradition and create an original and amusing fairytale.

The film opens with peaceful, traditional romantic non-diegetic music playing and the voice of Shrek as a narrator as he reads part of a fairytale book. By using this music and Shrek as a narrator, the director manages to lead the viewers to believe it is going to be a traditional fairytale and so the director manages to create a false mood. Then, in an instant, the audience’s thoughts are changed as a large chubby green hand rips a
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The painting is a ‘beware of the ogre’ sign. This differs from a traditional fairytale, and, along with everything else, portrays Shrek as a more cultured ogre than average.

The director uses colour and body language to suggest that Shrek is a kind ogre. For example the way he puts his hands on his hips and smiles as he looks at his swamp when he comes out of the toilet, and Shrek’s bright green colour.

After Shrek has planted the sign in the ground it shows the villagers going to try and hunt Shrek. Shrek sees them coming and instead of running at them and roaring savagely as a traditional ogre would, he creeps up behind them and follows them. This shows that Shrek has some degree of intelligence unlike the ogres in traditional fairytales.

Shrek then catches up with the villagers and interrupts them to tell them how bad ogres are. One of the villagers threatens Shrek with a torch but Shrek just licks his fingers and puts the torch light out. Shrek then roars savagely at them and they scream and finally freeze on the spot. Shrek then whispers at them telling them that it is the part where they run away and they all run away. This part in the film shows that Shrek has the potential to be a traditional ogre.

In this scene the director uses sound, lighting and camera angles to make it more effective. The light from this scene is
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