Presenting For Treatment Of The United States

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Presenting for treatment is a 39 year old single, Caucasian female born in Montreal, Canada. The client identifies as heterosexual with no children and no current intimate relationship. The client was recently released from a psychiatric residential treatment in the U.S. and referred for ongoing outpatient treatment by her doctor at the hospital. The client has a history of suicidal ideation, with her last attempt leading to her hospitalization. The client reported that both her parents died in a car accident when she was an infant. The client stated that she has a twin brother whom she did not meet until much later in life. The client reported being raised in a hyper-religious school in Quebec and it was there, the client stated,…show more content…
Instead, the client reported that she finished school and began teaching. After leaving school and learning of her acceptance as a schoolteacher, the client reported that Aurora, the client’s uninhibited personality, exerted herself to revel in joy. The client stated that after leaving school one evening, she was attacked by muggers and used her powers to defend herself. Unfortunately, the incident traumatized the client who regressed into her fractured mental state and she was remanded to a psychiatric institution for the first time at the age of twenty, following a hospitalization initiated by the school where she taught. The client has been hospitalized four times throughout her life. While Jeanne-Marie reports that she has never tried alcohol or drugs, Aurora and some of the client’s other alter identities enjoy wine, liquor, and ecstasy. The client has never had any outpatient mental health or substance use treatment. The client’s former psychiatrist documented the client’s observed identities over the course of the past year while client was inpatient at the hospital, listing them as follows: • Jeanne-Marie - Personality (One): Her primary personality. Introverted behavior, avoidant, shy, nervous. • Aurora - Personality (Two): A second, dominant personality. Extroverted behavior, confident, enjoys scotch. • Personality Three: Likes fine wines, horse racing, and ultra-violence. • Personality Four: 17 year old
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